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Adventure Awaits in Project World of Ragnarok

Join us and relive the nostalgia of Renewal Ragnarok Online in our Episode 16 inspired server.

Server Highlights

Project World of Ragnarok is committed to bringing you an experience unlike any other. Our staff has reviewed each aspect of the game to optimize balance and entertainment, while staying true to origins.
Low Rate Experience

Low Rate Experience

While our server is technically a 2x/2x/5x rate server, each mob has been carefully tuned to provide natural leveling progression. We have refined the entire monster database to give players new opportunities to level in places otherwise ignored. Experience not just 10% of our past, but 100% of what it has to offer.

Returning to Our Roots

Returning to Renewal

Starting from Episode 16 - Banquet for Heroes, we plan to slowly progress through the history of releases while adding unique content (quests, new systems, general improvements) as the server grows, bringing you a modern, yet nostalgic experience.

Fun, Not Profit

Fun, Not Profit

Project World of Ragnarok is a timeless server, one that is fully funded to cover basic upkeep and additions to content. There is no donation system in place at this time and if one is ever added, it will be limited, with all proceeds going to major improvements or directed to charities or the player base. We are here to have fun, not turn a profit.

All-Star Staff

All-Star Staff

The staff includes not only lovers of nostalgia, but also people who are deeply familiar with code. Additionally, collaboration with the community’s best programmers and artists means that content and experiences built on Project World of Ragnarok will be unique to Project World of Ragnarok.

Emphasis on Your Journey

Emphasis on Your Journey

The team at Project World of Ragnarok is devoted to creating a multi-faceted journey for your characters. Grinding on the same monsters day after day is an outdated MMO trope. In Project World of Ragnarok, you will be faced with multiple ways to become an integral part of our community. Our goal is to create one of the largest repositories of high-quality quests to provide you with not a grind, but a journey.

Our Project World of Ragnarok

Our Project World of Ragnarok

Project World of Ragnarok is more than a name, it is a pledge to our players and community. We will continually improve your experience by adding components that improve the entertainment of the game, while maintaining the core essence of the game. For more info on Project World of Ragnarok, join our Discord community.

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News & Updates

Project World of Ragnarok is constantly thinking of new ways to bring players content and events. Keep up to date with the latest news!

More Updates & Events

Server Roadmap

Project World of Ragnarok is committed to adding official and unique content at a consistent, yet balanced rate. Regular updates mean new avenues of exploration for you and your friends.

The Grand Opening

Project World of Ragnarok opens its doors by reverting the game back to Episode 16 - Banquet for Heroes, with improvements to world balance, NPC dialogue, world building, and more. With so many plans in store for the future, this is truly a new RO beginning.

April, 2024

Chapter 1: 3rd Job Balances

Together with the server’s community, our staff will review each skill and made some adjustments to bring more builds in-line with one another. We understand that part of the fun of RO is the build diversity. Therefore, improving player options is key to our server goals and rebalancing classes is essential to the server’s mission.

May, 2024

Chapter 2: The Extended Classes

The implementation of extended classes prior to War of Emperium, while not chronologically consistent with the game, provides better versatility to the WoE experience. As with other jobs, class quests for these new jobs will be implemented simultaneously. Class balance changes will also be implemented for extended classes.

June, 2024

Server Information

Server Rates and Stats Other Key Info
Max Level 120/70 Server Epoch Revo-Classic Renewal
Card Drop Rates (Not Incl. MVP) 1% Currently Available Classes 2-1, 2-2, Transcendence, 3-1, 3-2 Classes
MVP & Boss Card Drop Rates 0.05% Server Location Los Angeles, USA (SEA/EU Proxies)
Instant Cast Requirement 150 DEX Guild Competition Season 1 Starting May 26, 2024
Max Attack Speed 193 Multi-Clienting Prohibited (Bannable)
Party Limit 8 (+50% exp / player) Server Security Gepard 3.0, Anti-DDOS, No-Delay Block
Guild Limit 32 (12 Base + 20 Expanded) Player Commands @autotrade, @mi, @ii, @whodrops, @whereis, @showexp
@noask, @noks, @refresh, !ping, !vsync